1. NEW MUSIC: yU - "A Garbage Beat Tape" (Free Download).


    yU may have named this collection of instrumental tracks A Garbage Beat Tape , but we're here to testify that it's actually not garbage. It's not even rubbish. It's not refuse related at all. (Nor is it available on tape!) It is, in fact, a pretty cool collection of eclectic instro workouts and audio collages in the Beat Konducta vein that ranges from UBB style flippage ("Do You [I'm Gonna]") to dusty Bo Diddley garage rock riffage ("Large 2 Car Garage") to hypnotic drone-age ("iKnow Nothing"). Hey, you know the saying about one man's trash... Listen or DL below. yU's sophomore LP, The Earn , drops December 13th.

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