1. Dramatic Readings of Stupid Youtube Comment Arguments: Lil' Kim Fan vs. Nicki Minaj Fan (VIDEO).


    Every single person ever who has logged onto the Internet has witnessed people argue in the Comments section of some Youtube video, no matter what that particular video is about. So what happens when mature British actors conducting themselves with an air of upper crust high society (in this case, Grahame Edwards and Eryl Lloyd Parryt ) reenact those same online battles? Well, you’re about to find out as comedy team Dead Parrot present a “reconstruction” of the keyboard fight between two Youtube users over this video in which Lil' Kim explains her beef with Nicki Minaj during a 2012 visit to Power 105's The Breakfast Club show.

    NSFW due to graphic language. And now—the drive-by...

    Produced by Adrian Bliss

    (h/t Anorak)

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