1. Your Old Droog Live at Webster Hall (VIDEO).


    “The human imagination is bugged.”

    BONUS: Droog on Rap Is Outta Control...

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    • bboycult

      Like I said ...super intelligent roll out...as his shall we say " Kanyesian " rant bubbles over the nice beat that sounds like a cloned/broken ' One Love '

      No visuals but it's like Aye yo, why y'all think I was Nas!?

      " Since the face been revealed, the game got real.." - Ghostface
      " I hate a rhyme biters rhyme, stay tuned Nas soon the Real rap comes @ HalfTime " - Nas ......Respects Droog, just a little Food 4 Thought

      You out in the Dark Seas now, my Droog; steer your ship TRUE captain......cause ain't no mo Lighthouses from here on out!

    • dude

      biter..point blank ..period.

    • Mr. Enigma

      He's either an impersonator, or a puppet. Its really that simple.

    • http://soundcloud.com/dj-white-lotus 2xUeL

      He put on a good show. He was entertaining, he didn't forget his lines, he had good breath control and he didn't lose his voice. This was especially impressive considering that it was his first performance and that most of the crowd were merely "looking" opposed to participating.

      However, while I enjoy the pure aesthetic of Droog's music, he ultimately comes across to me as disingenuous and cocky. Not only does he seem to be unaware that he is merely imitating another artist, he allowed speculation regarding his identity to persist for the sake of a small amount of promotion, all of which would amount to nothing in the end because it merely attracted Nas fans who would ultimately be disappointed to discover the truth. So like an adolescent, Droog sought the instant gratification that came from this exposure without the maturity and foresight to see its fatally short lifespan. These missteps amount to Droog being an amateur--precisely the antithesis of the image he projects in his music. So long, Your Old Droog...what a short, strange trip it's been.

    • AjaxNoord .

      That is some narrow minded shit right there. He didn't immitate Nas, nor did he willingly create this Nas-bullshit; retarded people on the internet did it. How can you blame him for keeping the hype alive? It gave him a lot of plays on his soundcloud. I can't understand how you can be disapointed that this is not Nas. I have known this fact for a long time, and I wasn't disapointed at all. After all, fact of the matter is that there is a new MC that can fill the void that has been left behind in the mid '90's. Son got mad skills when it comes to the wordplay and delivery. And yeah, he does sound quite like Nas, just as Action Bronson sounds like Ghostface. In the end it doesn't matter, because what matters is that good music is finally coming out. Nas wasn't able to maintain the quality of Illmatic throughout his career. Maybe Droog can. I know that when Droog releases an album, I am definitely going to cop it.

    • http://soundcloud.com/dj-white-lotus 2xUeL

      "That is some narrow minded shit right there. He didn't immitate Nas, nor did he willingly create this Nas-bullshit; retarded people on the internet did it.""

      As per usual, an internet personality forcefully argues their point while protected by the shield of their computer screen. Can you talk to me like I'm actually in front of you?

      "I can't understand how you can be disapointed that this is not Nas."

      I *was* disappointed because it's a much, much stronger creative statement if it was Nas. (And btw, I reached the conclusion that it wasn't Nas a month ago ;)

      "After all, fact of the matter is that there is a new MC that can fill the void that has been left behind in the mid '90's."

      There is a slew of rappers filling that void who have their own voice and their own style. While Droog's style of rhyming incorporates original techniques, he timbre and flow are a facsimile of Nas'. I wish him luck finding his own sound.

      "And yeah, he does sound quite like Nas, just as Action Bronson sounds like Ghostface."

      I enjoy and support Bronson. People will debate this until the end of time but the Droog thing is a giant step up from the Bronson-Ghost thing.

      "Nas wasn't able to maintain the quality of Illmatic throughout his career."

      That is 100% true *thumbs up*

    • sonny7

      I'm kinda new to Droog, I've just heard the Hoody Weather track and watched the above footage of his live performance plus the vid with DJ Skizz, but from what I've heard this guy is super dope. I can clearly hear the Nas influence (what emcee with any good sense wouldn't be influenced by Nas?) but I don't think he's a pastiche or a shameless biter. I think he's talented enough to transcend any particular influence & I'm excited to see what he'll do in the future.

    • AjaxNoord .

      I might have been a bit blunt when I said narrow minded, as everyone is entitled to their opinion and I should respect that, so I apologize for that.
      Having said that, I think you are off concerning the disapointment of Droog (Nas) fans and the lifespan of Droog's career. Droog's delivery does obviously remind one of Nas, hence the hype. However, I do not believe Droog willing immitates the style of Nas, in some sort of pitiful attempt to draw attention to his music. The dude just happens to sound like Nas. As a matter of fact, having listened to all of his material, I actually came to think he sounds like some sort of mix of The Game and Nas. Furthermore, I believe the guy puts just enough of his own flavor into his lines to get the respect that he deserves. I mean, lines like "got shooters that'll take out any Mark for a Price" are just great lines to me, that wordplay is crazy. Moreover, Droog is not to blame for all the internet hype. The internet is home to many retarded people, who forcefully believe any type of bullshit that is thrown at them, and are willing to go great lengths to convince others that the most outrageous things are real. People on the internet got convinced that this guy was actually Nas, and Droog just went along with it. I think he is hardly to blame for any of that. Now that people know he is not Nas, many people will still feel that this new rapper makes great music, and I think a great bunch of people will be appreciating his music for the beautiful art that it is.
      As for Action Bronson and Droog, I do think it is only fair to compare the situations. I believe their situations much alike, but of course not the same; Action Bronson did not use a falsified image to draw more attention to his work. Droog did ride along with the insane internet trip, but I am quite sure he will proceed as Droog, and he will stick to his own image.
      I might have interpreted your last sentence of your first comment wrongly, but if you mean that Droog's career is over after the Nas hype is done, I cannot agree with you. I believe Droog's trip has just started and is not going to end soon in any case.

    • Real Dope Brother

      I'm sorry fam but Droogs similarities to Nas extended past the voice and into the lyrics and concepts. A ten track mix tape paced almost identical to illmatic. Eddie Murphy movie references ala Nas, word play, and subject content not too far from Nas', etc. Your Old Droog mix tape to me is the mix tape of the year so far. But do not ignore that a large part of its charm comes from the project jacking Nas' entire steeze. Your Old Droog is certainly an artist to keep up with, his music is on point. However his first entry in the rap game is more of a homage to Nas and Illmatic so let's just wait and see how his upcoming material plays out. Action Bronson sounds like Ghostface but that's it. Action Bronson is not and never was doing GFK impersonations. YOD however did an impersonation of Nas and a rather impressive one intentional or not. And there is no denying that if YOD was Nas then that would have been epic. You know some people at that show were disappointed. They saw history being made just not the history they probably desired. P.S. Can we get more Rast RFC coverage?

    • http://soundcloud.com/dj-white-lotus 2xUeL

      Truth be told, I'm a little butt hurt :P Like I said, if it was Nas, it would have been a tremendous artistic statement. As it stands, the kid is nice no doubt, it's just not as big of a statement, I don't think there's any debating that, and I think Droog overlooked the fact that the longer he dragged this out, the more of a let-down it would be for the people who envisioned this as a genius comeback by a legendary artist previously stuck in a drawn-out twilight zone of his career.

      Regarding the extent to which the internet played a role in the conspiracy theory, I think the pro-Droog people are overhyping that, and I am a perfect example of why: I listened to the EP for over a week back in late June without reading a single shred of internet hype and faithfully believed I was listening to Nas the entire time without pausing once to question it. And I'm the kind of cat who, for example, bought It Was Written the day it came out and also saw Odd Future's second NYC performance right around the time Yonkers dropped.

      Through all of this, every time I think I'm ready to boycott Droog's music, the songs are stuck in my head and I know all the lyrics, which you are correct are brilliant indeed. So I'm going to play it safe at this point and leave the window open for me to still be a fan.

      I've also been going back and forth with friends on Facebook about this. We've been talking about the extent to which an artist is connected to their art and to what extent out interpretation of their art is connected to our opinion of what we know about the artist as a person. Do I think it was a d!ck, amateur move to ride the wave of this controversy? Yes. Should that stop me from appreciating Droog's music? Maybe not.

      However, to some extent I still believe that Droog comes across as disingenuous, and I believe this lack of sincerity ultimately manifests in his music. So for me, listening to Droog's music feels like a guilty pleasure in a way.

      My last comment is that a lot of Droog's critics argue that--regardless of whether or not he is conscious of it--Droog is not only imitating Nas' voice and flow, he has hijacked his entire persona. And when you listen to all the references to the 90's, all the pop culture references that beckon the image of Nas, and the endless lyrics suggesting that Droog sees himself as some sort of an established, legendary, veteran MC--all of which are undeniably there--this seems to be valid criticism of Droog.

    • http://soundcloud.com/dj-white-lotus 2xUeL

      Exactly. And it would sit a lot better with someone like myself if dude was aware of it and was "man" enough to admit it.

    • jd

      A dope biter is STILL a biter. Dude is nice, real nice. But its Nas.