1. Listen to Your Old Droog's "Headphone Highlights" Show For RBMA Radio (AUDIO).


    Recently had the pleasure of interviewing Your Old Droog about songs and artists that inspire him for RBMA Radio . I know - Nas , right? Actually, how about Captain Beefheart , George Duke , Hendrix , Metallica , Beanie Mac and DOOM ? If this program reveals anything hopefully it's the fact that the Ukraine-born Brooklynite is a music fan first and foremost. To the point that he confesses that he doesn't particularly enjoy publicly discussing his musical influences because once they're out there it's like they're not exclusively his anymore. While I certainly respect Droog's right to privacy I'm glad he answered my questions - and revealed some compelling facts about his life and upbringing. The road from childhood ESL student struggling with a foreign tongue to wordsmith inviting Jonesian comparisons runs through Coney Island and Gravesend.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • SiBa

      man I just can't listen to this guy, however lyrically dope he is, he sounds EXACTLY like Nas…wanna know his influences? Nas, Nas and Nas. Dude probably rewound his Illlmatic tape constantly till he was able to do an 'impression' of Nas's style…sorry but its got to be said, real dope mcs come out with an original style and flow - thats what Hip hop is about surely?…not biting styles...

    • StyLe BitEr

      man, this guy, lyrically dope… got to be said, real dope mc with an original style and flow - thats what Hip hop is about

    • SiBa

      thats what i'm saying tho…its not an original style or flow.

    • bboycult

      @Siba ...Yep, according to StyLe BitEr; it's EXACTLY what you're saying tho .....Word4Word

    • curt mcgirt

      I agree with the previous comments. I was listening to "No Message" with Rast RFC and the Nas similarities are too strong. The cadence, voice and overall style is too close to Nasir. Dude is raw lyrically but it's hard too take him seriously.