1. Your Old Droog — "Free Turkey" (AUDIO).


    "ego trip better put this rap on the List...”

    This is work, B. Produced by EL RTNC & Y.O.D.

    [Via 2DBz ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      This situation is the worst thing to happen to STYLES since the Ghostface/Action Bronson debacle .....but that conundrum is also the leading example of how a real Y.O.D can make anything he wants to happen...happen and every head will have shut the fuck up and nod along ( Shout out to Bam Bam/ Fuck that's Delicious Bronson yo! )

      But fuck all y'all...cause this heater is so Nas I can't even!?!?

    • Real Dope Brother

      Nas or not, homeboy is spitting. Got to respect that; besides, this ain't the first rapper to bite Nas' style. That being said if this is not Nas, this single and the YOD mix tape should not count towards Droogs catalog. It shouldn't count because this experiment plays as more of a homage to Nas and 90s New York hip hop than standing as an original body of work with original ideas. Anyone genius enough to channel Nas' essence, attitude, and presence on the mic shouldn't be dismissed but until they start rapping from their own soul and brain, I can't give them full props. Enjoy the music (I've had the whole mix tape on repeat/random for weeks), its hands down the best mix tape this year from anybody. Period.

      Y.O.D>>>>Every Album this year or last year.

      “ego trip better put this rap on the List…” -Droog. So true and every other music publication should as well. This is hip hop and its impressive.

    • gerhard

      He's even loopin the One Love sample