1. Your Favorite Rappers In Animal Phorm (GALLERY).

    Patrick Moberg ‘s Animal Pharm series does what none of us were wondering: what would happen if you took some of hip-hop’s most recognizable acts and painted them in creature form? It turns out nothing spectacular, but just enough to clear the Internet junkyard.

    None of these will make the walls of the Sistine Chapel or Jay-Z’s powder room anytime soon, but who doesn’t want to see Big Daddy Kane as his spirit animal? The agile, royal, and pimp-classy crane. — Bogar Alonso



    Drawing up the duo Black Sheep would have been too easy, so Moberg does the next best thing. Here you get mega producer Timbaland bringing sexy baaaaaack.

    Berrael Williams.

    Williams’ trademark style remains intact even without opposable thumbs. The ladies must dress him up.

    De La Mole.

    The potholes in my lawn make much more sense now.

    Griz Markie.

    You know what they say about the Griz – if he finds out that suitor ain’t just a friend, you best roll into a ball to save yourself.


    Even in duck form, Gift of Gab looks as introspective as ever.

    Aesop Croc.

    This looks more like Paul Bunyan Croc, but the ex-Def Jux recruit has proven time and again that he has the chops to hang with the big boys, so he gets a nod here.

    Big Daddy Crane.

    The pièce de résistance, or whatever the French say that means “the shiznit.” Big Daddy Kane, the man Rakim refused to go toe-to-toe with, has more swag in bird form than Trinidad James has in wannabemcee form.

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