1. Young Zee —
    "Dear Shady" (AUDIO).


    Response to Eminem 's "Fine Line."

    BONUS: Music Video

    [Via 2DBz ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      That's how a Black Man b feelin @ middle age yo ( trust me; I know ) .... Scarred and Hard(ened); but y'all STILL can't fux w/these bars friends; ring the alarm then, but don't call the badge on me, guaranteed I'll b another black trag(edy) ...make sure the video shows, how my middle finger rose ...from the concrete; so my children/children's children can run that shit on repeat. - bboycult

      Ha, Keystylin on em yo ....Zee got me feeling like it's 09' and anythings possible again.