1. WATCH: Young Mooch “Color Blind (The Interracial Love Story)” Music Video.

    Even with an extra day thanks to it being a leap year to think about it, we were still not sure how to close out Black History Month. Fortunately, ego trip head honcho/noted racial thinker Ted Bawno hipped us to independent rapper Young Mooch and his ode to troubled interracial love, “Color Blind.” You would think that 45 years after the landmark Loving v. Virginia verdict (yeah, we got HBO On Demand, baby), miscegenation wouldn’t be such a big deal no more, but as we learn in the video from the Harlem World MC “sexing a Caucasian” if you Black can lead to all sorts of problems, especially if you got the temper of Orenthal James. Ultimately, we’re not sure what the hell the message our man Mooch is trying to tell us here, but suffice it to say, everyone out there in the real world enjoyin’ themselves some exciting interracial lovin’, please try your hardest not to kill the one you love.

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