1. WATCH: Yasiin Bey (a/k/a Mos Def) - "N*ggas In Poorest" Music Video.

    WATCH: Yasiin Bey (a/k/a Mos Def) – “N*ggas In Poorest” Music Video.

    Yasiin Bey - the artist formerly known as Mos Def - drops the official video to his "Niggas In Paris" remake, "Niggas In Poorest." Though Bey's take may not have the potential to cause epileptic seizures , it's got some power behind it nonetheless. Cleverly altered lyrics ("Fake Gucci, my nigga/ Fake Louis, my killa/ Real drugs, my dealer/ Who the fuck is Margiela?"), politically provocative imagery, and a swap out of "Paris"'s Will Ferrell sound byte with some poignant words from Malcolm X turn the tune's subject matter on its axis. All that said - and contrary to the inevitably self-righteous "Poorest" >>>> "Paris" peanut gallery commentary - we're kinda of the opinion these two renditions can and should peacefully co-exist in the world without folks getting their panties all up in a bunch about one's merits versus the other. Plus, any song that can inspire this really can't be a bad thing.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • HughPhug

      no comments, fuck yall
      might mos def, keeping it realest

    • bboycult

      Lil Maurice threw the shoe @ that niga Bush! ha

    • lougehrigsson

      "don't ever say, 'whatever happened to mos?' "

      guess we need a middle class version of this shit now, ha?

    • http://hiphopgrandeepoque.over-blog.com/ FreshMontel

      another take: graffiti vandals in Paris.........seriously raw