1. Previously Unreleased
    J Dilla Production:
    Yancey Boys ft. Frank Nitt – “The Throwaway” (AUDIO).

    Nice discovery here. A previously unreleased J Dilla production featuring new vocals by Jay’s brother Illa J and Frank Nitt of Frank-N-Dank, “The Throwaway” – contrary to its name – is very much a keeper. As Frank speculates the beat possibly dates from the mid-’90s given its tempo and sonic similarity to material Dilla was submitting to The Pharcyde circa Labcabincalifornia . No matter what the date of origin, the marriage with Illa J and Frank’s circuitous flows and Black Sheep-inspired hook works like a charm. Check it out below and see if you don’t agree. Slated for digital-only release via Delicious Vinyl (oh, the irony!) at some point, hopefully soon.

    [via Pigeons & Planes ]

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