1. AUDIO: Xzibit ft. King Tee & Tha Alkaholiks – “Louis XIII” (Produced by Dr. Dre).


    Nothing like a Likwit crew reunion to make the weekend that much better. Xzbit 's got a new album coming in a few months and one of the stand-out tracks leaked already. Anytime X-to-tha-Z teams up with the homies King Tee and Tha Alkaholiks it's worth checking out, for real. Add catchy production by Dre, and you got an instant party starter for your next barbeque.

    J-Ro: Back down original Pac Town originator/ I'm full of 40s like the 'G-Thang' refrigerator
    Tash: Gettin' paper with my neighbors like the Clippers and the Lakers, drinkin' Jack next to Jack courtside at the Staples
    Xzibit: Affiliation is vital for survival, we rollin'/The caravan pullin' up with a million trucks
    King Tee: And I'm feelin' like a million bucks, an all-star nigga still in Chucks...

    [Props to 2DBZ & Soul Culture UK ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • daily digger

      lovely lyrically, top notch tandem spit and mediocre, lifeless, by the numbers production.

    • steve

      @daily digger stop hating. Go ahead to do better. post your beats or shut the fu*k up.

    • daily digger

      fuc you. we can meet up somewhere and i can make a beat on YOU bitch.

    • Flashius

      Not the best Dre beat, but way better than anything he's done since before Kingdom Come. (Man that fool been can for a minute...) I'm feeling this, King Tee, X, the Liks all came correct. This > Grumpy Croc.