1. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)." rel="bookmark">Wu-Tang x The Roots - "Protect Ya Neck" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO).


    Even though by our estimation that Wu performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the other night was pretty cool, some folks got salty that it was billed as "Wu-Tang Clan" but wasn't the real-deal OG deep space nine minus ODB. Justifiable complaint, but guess we've been desensitized to such issues after years of witnessing patchwork Wu personnel in performance. Well, how about if Black Thought joined those Wu members - including Ghost, RZA, and Cappa - who made it on the program, and took it upon himself to do all the parts by missing members on "Protect Ya Neck" with the Roots providing instrumental back-up? It happened, party people. Check it out...

    [via Okayplayer ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Chepe

      Black Thought, one of the greatest.

    • JJ

      There is no Ghostface there.