1. Say It Ain’t So, God: The Gap’s Wu-Tang Clan T-Shirts Ain’t Nuttin’ To F*ck Wit.

    There’s a funny little rant we came across at Four-Pins regarding this Wu-Tang Clan tee for sale at, of all places, The Gap. Yeah, in case you didn’t know, Shaolin’s own Killa Beez on tees have been for sale at the struggling middle-of-the-road clothing emporium for at least almost a year now . But the ire they have inspired is still fresh to death like a million bucks…

    Writes Jon Moy:

    How did this even happen? Is the Wu-Tang Clan now like the Rolling Stones, and you can just buy their shit all over the place? Are killer bees gonna be for sale at Target soon? Who at Gap was like, “You know what? We really need a Wu-Tang shirt to compete with J. Crew and Club Monaco. Chambray western shirts and mom butt chinos ain’t cutting it anymore.”

    Yeah man. We hear you. We hear you loud, son. (P.S. Wu-Tang Forever.)
    [via Four-Pins ]

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