1. Wu-Tang Clan — Once Upon A Time In Shaolin (SNIPPETS) (AUDIO).


    Cell phone quality sound from that evil millionaire album. Allegedly.

    "Plans for the album? I don't know. I'll probably never even hear it. I just thought it would be funny to keep it from people."

    Upload by Hezakya Madison

    Upload by Twisted Metal

    [Via wutang-corp ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Revelion Guille

      these been on the net for years unfortunately not the real thing. we need to hack or rob this evil bastard and rob the album his fucking home address is all over the net! who's with me!

    • Hans Merkel

      Meh, old

    • Bill Shepherd III

      Fake. Had me excited for a minute shits been out for years, wht a fucking douche though!!! he sayin he wasnt gonna check them shits just wants to keep them from the people?? im with the heist if Bill murray is down! hit me

    • David Kessler

      What's fake about it? These are actual tracks from the album. The album is 10 years old. Cilvaringz was leaking tracks before he came up with the art idea...then deleted all of these tracks after the fact to cover his ass. Someone saved them and reposted it. Someone also just posted instrumentals from the album with the same beats that's on the Snippets. It even has the Cher beat on there. Every time someone would post these...Cilvaringz would take these down immediately. So what's fake?? I own everything related to Wu and never ever heard these tracks on no albums. Or compilations. So send me links proving that these snippets are all over the net. That didn't originate with the original poster.

    • David Kessler

      Yes...these are old....the album was recorded almost 10 years ago. These are still same tracks on the album However.

    • David Kessler

      What's fake about them??? Everybody on Wu-TANG Corp. com has already verified these as the real thing. Remember... this album was recorded almost 10 years ago...so of course the Snippets will be just as old. Cilvaringz made the mistake of playing these on a Ustream before the One copy Gimmick.

    • Dee Jay

      Ugh, that guy is such an asshole. I want to punch my monitor just so I can pretend I hit him in his dumb smug-ass face.