1. Real Talk…These (Ladies) Headphones Actually Look Sorta Fly.

    Beats by who? So what if these Pleat headphones by Scandanavian audio company Molami seem primarily marketed towards the audiophile with breasts (No Rozay)? We can’t front — we’d happily stunt in these at the next ego trip silk-pajama jammy-jam. Or better yet at one of Sean Pouffe Diddly’s infamous parties out in the Hamptons. Yeah that’s right, we’re sayin’ it; We fancy, huh? At least we think we’d be with all that luxurious napa leather wrapped around our dome.

    The cost of staying fly? A very competitive $300 bones. Not much more than that bass-heavy headgear you can find at any Apple Store or Best Buy. These are arguably more exclusive, yet within your grasp the easier way… through the interweb. Cop dem HERE .

    [via fastcodesign ]

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