1. CONTEST: Win an Autographed Copy of Lord Finesse's "Check the Method (Remix)" Flexi-Disc (plus FREE Download).


    FREE STUFF ALERT! We are pleased to announce the chance for one lucky egotripland reader to win an autographed copy of Lord Finesse 's "Check the Method (Remix)" flexi-disc courtesy of our friends at Slice-of-Spice Records . The best part? While there can only be one contest winner, everyone can still download the song for FREE. Audio and contest details just a click away…


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    Soundloud: Lord Finesse - Check The Method (Remix)

    To date, this promo-only flexi disc is has only been available with copies of Wax Poetics Japan issue #22 - which features an extensive Lord Finesse career retrospective (peep excerpts here and here ).



    To win an autographed copy of this stupendous, limited edition release, simply TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.

    • Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (we’re not accepting answers on The Twitter or Facebook no mo’, lazybonezes).
    • PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (not in your comment, but attached to your user ID – that is, unless you luh spam or something).
    • When we get an answer we like, we’ll pick a winner.
    • Contest ends this coming Friday, August 17th at 5pm EST. Good luck!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Matt Oh

      I want this prize because I love DITC, especially Lord Finesse. I also hate Mac Miller. That's all I got.

    • http://latinbutcool.blogspot.com Juan Data

      I should get it, simply because I'm the first one to comment. And because I LOVE both THE LORD and 7'' singles (and Ego Trip is my fucking bible). How bout that?

    • robbie c

      'cos I asked first!

    • Adam

      I need this record so I can rhyme over the instrumental and call it my own.

    • pixel

      5 reasons of why this is a MUST have

      1. because the man's a 90's hip hop legend
      2. he brought out Big L
      3. he was a member of the almighty DITC crew
      4. he mastered the simile when it was the sh*t
      5. he's the funky man!

      side note: as a connoisseur, this would be a prized piece in my ever-growing collection... aka pretty please.


    • Francis

      Because I love collecting vinyl and missed out on the LE Beat Junkies so this would be awesome to have.

    • Eazy-Evan

      I would really love this prize because I'm a young kid and I'm all about vinyl! I started djing a few years ago with straight vinyl and have a pretty solid wax collection so far. I'm an old school kind of cat and that's why I love Ego Trip as well. I also love Lord's awesome style and producing. Like Ed OG said "I got to have it"

    • nev il-pinto

      aight, ima try tugging at the heart strings here.... but several years ago i had a dope vinyl collection, 500 plus pieces, some real rare ish from Aus & the UK worth mad loot these days as well as a heap of DITC ish, (including all of finesse's LPs)

      anyway i got home one night and some mother fucker had broken into my joint and stolen the lot. i know who did it, they got caught etc etc etc. still didnt get my ish back. since then i been slowly picking stuff up again but it just aint the same goddamn it!

      but it could be... with your help!

      as a side note.. we also got stooged by a promoter in my city who brought finesse out for a DJ show but advertised as an MC set. was a good night but thats still a low act


    • http://soundcloud.com/awas1980/oozey-pinky-rang-wu-tang-clan Anthony Sams

      i'll just let the man speak for himself...
      "I wreck kids, that's my theory and perspective/ When it comes to hip-hop, I'm on the case like detectives/ You better step to the next man/ Cause the greatest soccer player couldn't kick it like Finesse can"

    • http://www.thetroyblog.com verge tibbs

      I should win this because i refuse to buy it on principle. I don't read japanese and it pisses me off that other countries get exclusive shit that the US doesn't. Has burned my ass since back in the day when there was always some unobtainable jap release. Tell me this hasn't irked the shit out of most US diggers and fans.

      Also in these economic times, I would feel like a sucker for paying money for a flexidisc, them shits get like 5 plays!

      And I'm against the current revolution of 7inches replacing the good old 12inch, however pretty or boutique or collectable it may be.

      So since all of this has been just burning my ulcers and raising my blood pressure, winning this would be a nice consolation prize.

    • http://www.thetroyblog.com verge tibbs

      plus i NEVER won anything.


      because egotripland is my favorite website for anything music and im an avid follower of everything hiphop. peace to mao and everyone for putting together the dopest mag/website, dont stop doing it.

    • http://zwegalino.tumblr.com/ JohannesL'hoest

      lord knows i should get this record.

    • stuntdouble

      Cause I rock a half-moon and pronounce porno "po'no".

    • recordvulture

      I would dig this record cause finesse steps to trash muthafuckas(no need to mention names,hehehe)like sanitation!!!!!

    • Grass

      I need this as bad as Darth Vader needs a asthma inhaler.

    • KC

      Because back in the mid 90s, my college radio show rocked the hell out of Actual Facts, and any other clean joint on The Awakening we could get.
      It's easy to support the classic debut - staying strong throughout the catalog deserves a mention.

      And if I don't win, I know the person that does *really* deserves it.

    • Chopper Dave

      Most of these Toys don't know what 89Tec9 is, Never been to Fat Beats, Hi Post ,Nuyorican Poets Cafe or have ever skated the Brooklyn Banks so why should they get anything so NYC!

    • Rey

      Somebody stole my "The Awakening" cd in 2001. Winning this would bring balance to the universe.


      I'm a record collecter. Huge DITC fan and follower of Finesse from way back. I have hella respect for the artist and the format and my birthday is coming up too so there's that Stay up Finesse and thank you for pioneering the couplet punch line style so many live off of now.

    • Shawn Kemp

      I need it so I can flip it on eBay and put the money towards these back alimony payments that are piling up.

    • Manwithintellect

      Because if you don't...

      I'll leave you bloodier than a tampon.

    • sincerely, mando

      cause the ladies still gel me without a mothaf**king lp

    • Steve

      I am a DJ who lives for introducing people to great artists they have never heard of so a Lord Finesse track would make my day. It would also improve my Vinyl and clear vinyl collections!!

    • Greg

      Even the funky technician himself would tell you why I should win this flexi disc!..

    • http://none wayne sheldon

      Cos i'm fat for the 90's, i like my girls with the boom, i said hey look at shorty but she told me to save that shit..fuck em cos there's a party over here and thats how smooth i am, show em how i do things....

      Its the return of the funky maaaan!!

    • Rome

      I would be proud to win because in 2012 Lord finesse continuous has given its fan-base and vinyl junkies what happens… and that he always knew wear t-shirts with Wolves in a manner so funky

    • Greener Grass

      I need this as bad as Luke Skywalker needs a haircut.

    • JRUNCK

      I need this because I'll kick Mac Miller in the shins if I see him and I get it. I've also bought all the Lord Finesse flexies (expect the 1st one) but can't buy this one signed so I want to add it to my fine collection.

    • Risk

      Cos I got more moves than this has grooves!

    • rosvoparta

      Because my Lord Finesse collection...

    • Twelve

      Why on earth would anyone NOT want this..?!?! C'mon - it's Finesse!

    • Ehren G.

      Cause the first Finesse song I ever listened to was No Stoppin'. And today was my birthday. No Pressure.

    • 123jeffc

      I'd love to add this to my LP collection cause slice of spice is the shit!

    • Ben

      To quote the man himself - "because I kick more ass than a star of a karate flick..."

    • http://www.spinsofthefather.com DJ ARM 18

      I want it but I can't front, not sure any of our answers are worthy yet... Mics I smoke, rhymes I hurl / My hobby is collecting fly-looking 7"?!?

    • Jaytee

      I need this because lord finesse is the illest. The funky technician has always been my favorite rapper/producer! This man is my idol so hook it up! DITC

    • true nahar

      i need it to give to my big brother almighteeeeeeeee RalphX of Freedom Radio ( http://blip.tv/freedom-radio/black-liberation-movement-film-screening-suny-college-6300928 had to) is doing a STELLAR docu segment on the issues surrounding the mm and Lord Finesse situation. He gets it in and he deserves it. If you're giving it away. Which you are, i would hope to him. thanks and all praise is due to the EGO...

    • Mr.Nukems

      Hip hop is my relegion, Mr.Bongo's was my local church, and vinyl is my sacrament.
      It was through these things that i learnt the teachings of my Lord Finesse, blessed be his name, and it is through his teachings that i awakened. New sacrament is required to help continue to spread the word.
      God bless our Lord!