1. Win an Autographed Copy of K-Def's One Man Band LP.


    Underrated producer extraordinaire K-Def 's latest album, One Man Band , finds the NJ boardsman remaking/reworking a plethora of boom-bap era beats and sample sources (from Miilkbone to 24 Carat Black to Crooklyn Dodgers) as his own dope instrumentals. It's another impressive effort in his recent return to activity and we're pleased to announce the chance for two lucky egotripland readers to win copies on either vinyl or CD courtesy of our friends at Redefinition Records . Listen to music from the album and check out contest details below.



    To win an autographed copy of K-Def's One Man Band LP on either vinyl or CD - simply TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.

    • Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (we’re not accepting answers on The Twitter or Facebook no mo’, lazybonezes).
    • PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (not in your comment, but attached to your user ID – that is, unless you luh spam or something).
    • When we get two answers we like, we’ll pick the winners.

    (sorry, blame the United States Postal Service) FUGGIT - WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE.
    • Contest ends Wednesday, March 13th at 6pm EST. Good luck!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • mrfrosty

      my friend klasus lex said: Ja, schon gehoert. K-Def ist mir n bisschen zu old school im sound. This is german and it means: Yes, i heard it. The sound of K-Def is a bit old-school to me.

    • murda

      just started to collect vinyl records and a signed K-Def would be an amazing gem and something i could really 'brag' with in the VC.

    • http://twitter.com/JasonMonetary J Money

      Bought the 12" for "Real Live Shit (Remix)" when it was fresh out the box and been a supporter and fan ever since. Would love a piece with the man's signature as the perfect compliment to a pretty complete K-Def collection.

    • Falcord

      Because I love that album and i've never won a fucking contest

    • gonzisupreme

      Obviously a big fan of Real Live and K-Def beats. I love everything REDEF puts out been following since Damu and his You Tube Days. Would love to add this selection to the crate. Peace.

    • http://twitter.com/Pearl__Wilson P. Wilson

      I Gotsta have it.... The best reason I got is because K-Def is a large influence of mine. I'm a lil younger than most of the people on here, but I study my hip-hop history and collect vinyl on the daily. Peace to the Gods (and the Earths yo)

    • frankietwotimes

      Would love to have the new K-Def as I think I am ready for it now please...

    • Rey

      i ordered "real live shit" on the box when i was in middle school and my moms yelled at me when she saw the phone bill.

    • Gabe

      My internets too slow to stream and/or download the album so it'd be tight to get it proper. My record player has none of that bandwidth bullshit..

    • jay1der

      This would sit properly next to the Young Holt Unlimited record

    • BernieBuggaha

      A crazy slept on producer from back in the Real Live ish back in the day whom still drops mad gems to this day.

    • Spiega

      nice release!!

    • richiee

      I want it because this vinyl means one more item that doesn't cause a discussion of who is next to work the turntable - my girl of me.

    • jake7million

      because i deserve a signed record i own 54,000 records with not one signed ,.....peaCe!!!!!!!!

    • Leeiko Jee

      Man, internet downloads to me are a thing of the past and as a dj i'd like to take it back to the reality of hip hop culture and it would be an honor to spin this vinyl gem. At a show.

    • Andrew Burger

      Need this wax. K-Def always comes correct with golden age beats and then he's ghost! Remember the Artifacts "Hot" rework? one of the greatest everrrrr!

    • Chris Floyd

      If I win this dope record I will cherish it in the same vein as I cherish my Dilla records, my James Brown records, my Madlib records. ETC! K-Def is always golden!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/johnny.blaster.35 Johnny Blaster

      I'd like to win this CD because as a young snot nosed kid in the Bronx, I used to play the bongos in my church choir and I always wondered what bongos would sound like in an album by a one man band! K-Def has answered those prayers! Hallelujah holla back!

    • Jason Fullerton

      a Word or Two” (Monie Love) I'd like to explain “How Nice I Am”
      (World Renown) and why I want this LP. “Mad Brothas Know His Name”
      (Intelligent Hoodlum) and he has “Mad Skillz” (LOTUG) when it
      comes to creating some “Real Live Shit” (Real Live). I've been
      listening to the “Chief Rocka” (LOTUG) ever since I was a “Funky
      Child” (LOTUG). So I'd like to show some “Mad Props” (Da Youngstas) to
      Egotripland and “For Def's Sake” (K Def) please let me have
      that vinyl. Peace.

      Some of K's production worded into my answer.