1. CONTEST: Win a Copy of Grap Luva’s “Neva Done” EP (Blue Vinyl Special Edition).

    UPDATE: This Giveaway is now over. Congrats to “E.T.” for his winning answer, and thank you for all the responses. Keep checking back for future contests.

    CALLING ALL VINYL FIENDS: We are pleased to announce the chance for one lucky egotripland reader to win a copy of Grap Luva’s excellent n’ brand new Neva Done EP courtesy of our friends at Slice-of-Spice Records . Grap isn’t just Pete Rock’s younger brother, and a former member of InI (whose “Fakin’ Jax” is a ’90s underground classique), but a talented and esteemed producer/emcee in his own right. Slice-of-Spice did a special run of 100 blue vinyl copies of Neva Done , which are now completely SOLD OUT. But read on for your chance to win one of these beauties.


    Grap Luva – Neva Done (Vocal) (SSR-006 ‘Neva Done EP’) by Slice-of-Spice

    Work Is Never Done (SSR-006 “Neva Done EP”) by Slice-of-Spice

    To win a copy of Grap Luva’s Neva Done EP, simply TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.

    Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (not accepting answers on Twitter or Facebook no mo’, lazybonezes). PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (not in your comment, but tied to your user ID – that is, unless you luh spam or something). Once we get an answer we like, we’ll pick a winner.

    And remember, if you don’t win, you can always get the EP by buying it. Domestically, HERE , or, HERE . In Europe, HERE . In Japan, HERE . Good luck!

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