1. Willie Evans Jr.
    - The Love Circle EP


    Good to hear Willie Evans Jr. back in effect. After dropping his acclaimed 2011 debut, Introducin' , the Jacksonville, FL-bred emcee/producer all but vanished after a car accident sidelined him from activity. No more! The Love Circle EP is a pretty great romance-themed instrumental suite available for free DL (at least for now). Audio and more info below. Hit the DL widget or grab it, HERE .

    Willie Ev:

    In the midst of a nasty break up I was forced to hide in my studio from a love crazed woman wielding a machete. During those 24 hours, I pondered the cyclical nature of relationships and their tendency to slowly form the building blocks that inevitably construct our future selves. As I am not good with descriptions, I decided to express this thought in the form of a short instrumental piece. Upon my escape from the Machete Mistress (as she would later be known), I managed to save the instrumental to a hard drive. What you're about to hear is the result of that harrowing experience and, although none of what you just read is true, the musings in this story were certainly the inspiration for the joint."

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