1. WATCH: Willie D of the Geto Boys Speaks on Trayvon Martin’s Murder.

    Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: we are not of the belief that it’s inherently necessary for rappers to be more socially responsible. Yes, they are public speakers with followers, but do you really honestly care what A$CAP Arnold or Ziggy Azalien have to say about what’s going on in the world if they’re just phoning it in? Of course you don’t. Willie D , on the other hand, is someone we do wanna hear speak his mind. Like all the time. Here, the longtime Geto Boys member is interviewed by Fox 26 News in Houston about the Trayvon Martin murder. While the video’s title on youtube, “Rapper Willie D Near Tears,” reads a little tabloid-ish, there’s no doubting the emotion with which he speaks: “When somebody attacks America, people go ballistic. They go crazy. ‘Let’s go get them!’ That’s the first thing they say when their rights get violated. But then when it happens to Black people, people want to turn the other cheek and act like it never happened. That’s hypocrisy to the highest degree.” Willie D is president. (Props to hunter550 for the upload.)

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