1. WATCH: Fab 5 Freddy & Rock Steady Crew Promoting "Wild Style" on Japanese TV (1983).

    WATCH: Fab 5 Freddy & Rock Steady Crew Promoting “Wild Style” on Japanese TV (1983).

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    You never thought hip-hop could take it this far... East! Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Back in the day, the cast of Charlie Ahearn's seminal hip-hop film Wild Style Fake Oakleys toured Japan to promote the film's opening in Tokyo and other cities across the Land of the Rising Sun. Replica Oakleys This would result in such loopy nationally broadcast hi-jinx as TV comedy star Tamori and film producer Kaz Kuzui attempting to scratch via a Charlie Chase led tutorial (sadly the footage was been removed from youtube before we could post it here). Still shining on le tube you, however, is this intriguing clip from that same 1983 promotional tour: Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Fab 5 Freddy answering questions about hip-hop via interpreter for an inquisitive pair of news anchors while footage of Rock Steady Crew b-boying plays on the big screen behind them. Knockoff Oakleys Peep it before the copyright cops shut it down (by law).

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