1. Wild Style Breakbeats by Kenny Dope’s Kay-Dee Records & Get On Down (GALLERY).

    Wild Style Breakbeats is the debut of Kay-Dee Records’ “Book Series.” The book contains seven 45s in a “Kay-Dee Casebook” packaging. (This is the first-ever official release of the studio tracks produced by Fab 5 Freddy in 1981.) It also features never-before-seen photos from the Charlie Ahearn film.

    Get On Down says: For this premium Wild Style Breakbeats set, renowned DJ, producer, and lifelong Wild Style fanatic Kenny Dope obtained the original reel-to-reel tapes from director Charlie Ahearn and went about re-EQing and extending the length of each breakbeat (most were originally about one minute long). Thanks to these efforts, all 13 breakbeats are presented here with top-level audio quality that has never been heard before. Additionally, since only bootlegs of the Wild Style Breakbeats have ever existed, this is the first time they have ever been presented on their own, as an official full album release.

    The book features the following elements:

    – 13 songs total, spread out over seven 45s(each with a different label color)

    – Re-edited and Re-Eqed extended audio versions of each song, from original reels

    – Extensive liner notes in a 28-page book, including dozens of images – from “Wild Style” director Charlie Ahearn, among other sources – as well as interviews with Fab 5 Freddy, Chris Stein and GrandWizzard Theodore

    – The 14th side (the B-side of the seventh 45) features unique etchings with different “Wild Style” graphics

    – Unique “Kay-Dee Casebook” packaging – all seven 7-inches fit into a book as self-contained pages

    ( Wild Style Breakbeats drops August 12 via Kay Dee Records )

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