1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Utah Valley Magazine Celebrates "Women of Color"... with White Women Only.


    With all due respect to the wall space at Sal's Pizzeria - forget about the struggle to get some brothers on the wall. It's 2012, people, and magazines are running pieces celebrating "Women of Color" that feature nothin' but Caucasian chicks. What part of the game is that?!? Okay, we'll admit there's a good chance the above captured faux pas from Utah Valley Magazine has less to do with the racism than just negligent copy editing (a simple "in" in place of "of" would have done wonders). Perhaps "women of color" just isn't a phrase that gets a lot of run in Utah. But we'll defer to actual Utah-ians. (Because if you ain't never been to Utah, don't ever come to Utah. 'Cause you wouldn't understand Utah. So stay the fuck outta Utah.)

    [via Gawker ]

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