1. (WHITE) RAPPER SHOW ALUMNI: John Brown Drops New Song, “Take Off.”

    Every now and then we hear from some of our (White) Rapper Show alumni and we find out what they’ve been up to since appearing on the greatest reality television program in the history of either reality or television. King of da Burbz John Brown – the show’s celebrated runner-up finalist, and dropper of such jewelz as “I’m not a rapper I’m a entity” – has apparently moved on from his time with Ghetto Revival to focus on The Burbs Life . He introduces his new track, “Take Off” (listen below, download here ), with the following revolutionary minded thoughts:

    “What a week.


Let me start over. 

    What a weak week for America.

    Two boxers show us how to make millions in the land of freedom. Our affluent entertainers illustrate how happy life can be with 7 Bentleys. And Troy Davis is given his last meal. Oh, America. When the people start burning things other than weed, forcing 5 star generals to protect 5 star hotels, will it be described as a riot or revolution? 

    This question may or may not be answered in the song below. But one thing is for certain. It will be answered.”

    Take Off ft. DJ Toure (prod. by Bedrock) by theBURBSLIFE

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