1. ego trip Movie Night: White Man’s Burden (1995).

    The Twilight Zone -esque premise for White Man’s Burden , in which the (stereotypical) status of whites and blacks in American society is reversed, is so fascinating that it makes this low-budget 1995 film worth watching… even if it eventually takes the more conventional way out after such a promising and intriguing start. John Travolta stars as a worker at a factory owned by Harry Belafonte whose paths cross — make that crash — after extenuating circumstances. But never mind the plot, it’s details like all the television programs on every TV channel having all-black casts, white kids playing with black action figures, and black police terrorizing white citizens that make for compelling viewing. No matter what your final opinion of the movie (or Travolta’s accent) is, it’s bound to spark conversation after seeing it — and that alone is great thing.

    Directed by Desmond Nakano

    (Props to Toad Web Design)

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