1. Danny Brown: “Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I Met…”

    When Danny Brown Met Alchemist.
    As told to David Ma .

    Danny Brown: “I met Alchemist, the famous producer, around 2007. This was also around the same time I got out of jail. My homies wanted to do something nice. You know how it is when a nigga get outta of jail… Well, maybe you don’t. [ laughs ]

    “But yeah, they wanted to be nice and wanted to take me to Miami – especially since it was around my birthday too. So you know we roll and I’m wearing all this jewelry, big chains and shit, a new suit. We rented Ferraris and shit too, you know, just celebrating around Miami.

    “When we were there, I saw Alchemist just chillin’ and bugged the fuck out. My friends only listen to [what they considered] hard rap shit, so they didn’t know who dude was or even cared. But I approached him and was like, ‘Yo man, I’m a fan! I fuck with your shit !’ and all this other stuff. I’m a sincere fan, you know? Alchemist just stood and stared at me like I’m some random drug dealer, all dressed up and trying to talk to him about beats. I even slipped him my number too. Must’ve came off like a buster.

    “What’s funny about this story is that Alchemist just hit me up like 3 days ago talking about us working together. All I could do was just laugh.”

    Danny Brown’s XXX (Fool’s Gold) is widely heralded by people with ears as one of the best recordings of 2011. We implore you to get it, if you haven’t already, HERE .

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