1. It’s the What What Movie Trailer Starring Noreaga and Everyone in Hip-Hop Circa the ’90s (NSFW! VIDEO).

    N.O.R.E. unlocks his personal video vaults and unloads a flood of 1990s rap memories in this haphazardly-cut, 8-minute collection of rare footage starring every damn body in hip-hop (no, seriously, e’erybody is in this, even Amil ). In this What What Movie trailer you will see Jay-Z , Dipset , Fat Joe , Pun , Busta , Snoop , 50 , Mobb Deep , Puffy , Ja Rule , DMX , Chris Lighty (R.I.P.), etc. etc. etc. You will also see some raw-ass (literally) nudity so be WARNED.

    There are a quite a few highlights, including Eminem buggin’ the F out, as well as Nas seemingly dissing what essentially is his core fanbase by proclaiming: “No backpacks ever. That’s not hip-hop, yo.” But in perhaps the funniest moment, the Blastmaster KRS-One , in teacher mode, picks up empty Corona on table and says, “You sit and say this is just a bottle you limit your creativity. What else is this?”

    “A weapon,” says a voice, off camera.

    “Welcome to hip-hop,” concludes KRS.

    Still not sure if this a movie that’s coming out soon or a project that never was from back in the day. As we investigate further, check out the footage for yourself.

    (Props to Gbone147)

    [Via Miss Info ]

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