1. What If N.W.A Broke Up On Twitter?

    While the duns and dunnettes (Mobb Deep fans) of the rap world were blindsided by the supposed hacking of Havoc’s Twitter and a purported beef with partner, Prodigy , two thoughts occurred to me:

    1. If Mobb Deep were really a wrap, would Havikk and Prodeje of South Central Cartel reclaim their names and corner the market?

    2. What if the world’s most dangerous group, N.W.A., had broken up in the era of social media?

    In 2012, that gangsterfied little ampersat can get you in big trouble. 4G = 4 times mo’ gangsta! But on the real, social media-related static sucks. In the case of N.W.A., there was never a dull moment. Each step built momentum, and it festered for months before the next episode unfolded. N.W.A had the entire summer of ‘91 to make Cube look like a punk by way of a vitriolic skit – then Mr. Jackson unleashed arguably the most vicious diss track of all time three months later. Tension. The entire time – the total run of N.W.A.’s saga of drama was about four years – there were no glimpses of what was to come. No brainfarts or re-tweeets. Slow-brewing, strategized beefs that brought us golden moments like this . Giving someone a Critical Tweetdown is kind of anticlimactic and always seems to end in some milquetoast apology . A week later, people have forgotten already. Looking back, the entire N.W.A. break-up and ensuing soap opera would’ve squeezed its twists and turns into a mere 48 hours if it played out on Twitter. One can only imagine.

    There it is. The dissolution of the world’s most dangerous group over the course of four years in a compact 18 tweets. The moral of this? There’s two. Don’t leave your phone in a gas station and if you’re gonna beef, keep it off social media. Gangsta brainfartin’ on Twitter spoils the beef, y’all.

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