1. Westside Gunn x Conway — Griselda Ghost (AUDIO).

    Big Ghost says: Cats always talmbout they tryna bring the ’90s back…n then literally try ‘n’ make ’90s soundin’ type shit. The Westside Gunn x Conway approach always been more bout bringin’ the ESSENCE of ’90s/classic hip-hop back. This EP ain’t no different from that namsayin’? All production was handled by Big Ghost Ltd so you already kno the shit gon be endless fire emojis. This is pure grimy NY hip-hop in its purest form. Fuck all the stupid shit. Put down the room temperature soy milk rap ‘n’ get blessed by the flyness.



    9/11/15 Look. Imma be the first to admit that sometimes I can lowkey be kinda vocal bout the shit I do n dont like. I admit that. I be havin some opinions on shit b. But most my opinions is actually facts so its all good nahmean (Turns out Tyga really IS that pedophile who jus gon lease his teenage wifey a Ferrari for her birthday that she been makin the payments on since). Yall be lovin some wack shit anyways. But this shit right HERE? This shit right here is special yo. This shit also aint for everybody b… But I wouldnt have it any other way namsayin. This aint for emotional fuckboys or chicks who make vines of they self lip syncing to Rihanna joints 10x a day. Shit aint for precum babies n insecurrr lames who cape for rappers who got no idea they even exist all over social media. But if you happen to NOT be a product of a steady diet of room temperature soy beverages n you steady fiendin for some grimy NY shit…this shit for YALL. #BigGhostLtd x @westsidegunn x @conway_the_machine… This the dream team yo. We tryna restore the feeling of when you could throw a record on n let that shit play all the way thru…no skips…n get lost in some fly shit. If you can remember what it was like hearin The Infamous or the Purple Tape the first time… This is from THAT essence… The smell of blunt ashes n broken Heineken bottles on the corner at 5AM. This that Carharrt dungarees n razorblades under the tongue shit. This that pissy project hallways shit. This aint for cats who reminisce on the first time they seen the Twilight saga. This aint for millennial niggas who rock pants so tight that they gotta lay on the bed n kick they legs in the air jus to put them shits on. This aint for cats who willingly listen to Tyga n Kid Ink shit without being held prisoner at Guantanamo or havin somebody throwin a gun in they mouth b. You gotta be cut from the right fabrics yo… Step ya thread count up b. Aight peace. #GRISELDAGHOST #GxFR #HallAndNash #WestsideGunn #ConwayTheMachine

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    This drops tomorrow. For FREE. Hope yall check for it. I appreciate whoever came along on this here journey I been on for the last nickel n a penny so far. I started out droppin jewels on the #2DopeBoyz comments sections n that somehow turned into somebody archiving them shits on a blog which somehow turned into ME bloggin which turned into me havin the opportunity to write for all types of respectable platforms n gettin bread. Truthfully tho…money is jus one advantage… Shit aint the motivation for me. GREATNESS is a motivation. Anybody can get money if they apply they self to some shit n follow a process. To do something great n contribute to a culture or art form you gotta apply yaself AND be good at that shit. Aint no formulas or processes to it.. I came across @westsidegunn x @conway_the_machine thru the homie @skyzoothewriter ..First time I heard Gunn my mind was blown into the orbits b. I couldnt believe there was a cat out here makin shit so grimy n devoid of any contamination by the industry. I peeped his #HitlerWearsHermes series n I became a straight up fan of homie. Then I heard the #HallAndNash EP n #TheDevilsReject mixtape by Conway n I went apeshit… I knew I had to manifest some shit into existence wit em (pause). I had already showed mad love to em on social media…to the point where some fuckboy lames was sayin I got to paid to hype em like that. But nah…thats jus how I get shit percolatin b. If I dont like some shit I be tryna wipe it the fuck off the planet forever (Whattup Tyga!) n if I dig some shit Im tryna get involved. WSG x Conway my favorite rappers to jump on the scene in like 3 or 4 years yo… The whole #GxFR movement is stupid ill. When I heard #Daringer beats I felt like homie could be the next #Alchemist or #RZA if he had the right shine. #CamoflaugeMonk got all types of stupid fire too. So I knew I was steppin into big ass shoes tryna get em muthafuckas to rock wit the gawd. But fast forward 2 months n boom… #GriseldaGhost is here. Thats like some shit straight out #TheSecret yo. This shit so ignorant it could get a riot poppin off at Sunday Mass. This is grimy ass #ReaganEra NY rap in its purest form. Aight peace.

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