1. "We Like It LIke That - The Story of Latin Boogaloo" Trailer (VIDEO).


    Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Not sure when the trailer for this documentary showed up on Kickstarter, but there's never a expiration date on trying to attract funds, so here it is. Latin boogaloo developed in New York City in the '60s - the offspring of Afro Cuban, jazz, rock and R&B influences; youth music that took off something Cheap Ray Bans loco before flaming out by the end of the decade. Matthew Ramirez Warren's film aims to tell the story of how it developed, and whether old school Latin musicians and record labels conspired to shut it down before it'd run its artistic course . A bevy of impressive names (e.g. Joe Bataan, Johnny Colon, Ricardo Ray, Jimmy Sabater, Felipe Luciano et al) appear on the interviewee rundown (as well as esteemed colleagues of ours like Bobbito Garcia and Oliver Wang). The footage looks pretty sick too.

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