1. This Is Not the “Watch the Throne” Track List (But It Should Be).

    Earlier today via Fakeshoredrive and DOTR , we caught wind of the supposed track list for the long-awaited Jay-Z/Kanye West collaborative album Watch The Throne . While it’s still unconfirmed as to whether or not the titles leaked are the actual names of the songs from Hov n’ Yeezy’s forthcoming rich man’s magnum opus, apart from the undeniably intriguing “Living So Italian” we must admit to being somewhat non-plus-ed. Surely, these two hip-hop behemoths (or, at least, whoever made up the list) could have come up with some song titles that sounded a lil’ more tantalizing, a lil’ more enticing – a lil’ more H.A.M.moth?

    In lieu of the actual list, here are the song titles for Watch the Throne that we’d have liked to see…

    1. “Filthy Affluent”

    2. “Winning Is Every Only Thing Ever”

    3. “Youngest Old Motherfuckers Alive”

    4. “My Louis Vuitton Luggage Weighs a Ton”

    5. “Minority Pwner”

    6. “C.R.E.A.M.ate Me When I Die”

    7. “Weekend at Beyonce’s” ft. Bruno Mars

    8. “White Party (No Racism)”

    9. “Victory Lapdance”

    10. “Hoveezy vs. YeJay (Bromancing the Throne)”

    11. “Boss Issues”

    12. “Night at the Oprah”

    13. “Living So Hawaiian Sophie”


    14. “H.A.M. (The Pull a H.A.M.-string Remix)” ft. Jon Hamm

    15. “We’re Gay” ft. Lil’ B

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