1. Watch the DJ Cheeba & DJ Moneyshot Return To The Boom Bap Tour Teaser (VIDEO).

    DJ Cheeba-Moneyshot-Return-Boom-Bap-Tour-Teaser

    ...And see how many samples you can name.

    From the Press Release: Turntable tearaways Cheeba & Moneyshot are back on the road with a brand new four deck, big screen, DJ show. 'Return to the Boom Bap' features the pair cutting and scratching classic rap videos, and blending up the dopest acapellas and instrumentals to live remix some of the heaviest cuts from Hip-Hop’s Golden Era. This club-friendly set has already shared a stage with Mos Def & Afrika Bambaataa and will be a sure shot hit with fans of that early ‘90s Yo! MTV Raps flavour.

    (For details on how to win a free T-shirt (or buy one), please go here . Via DJ Cheeba )

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