1. WATCH: “Math Problems 12” w/ J-Zone.

    Education in this country is in the toilet. Thank goodness we’ve got Soce (a/k/a Soce the Elemental Wizard) – featured player in Prince Paul’s smash stage play, Negroes On Ice – and his video series Math Problems to help address our nation’s issues with arithmetic, multiplication, and long division. In episode 12, Soce is joined by egotripland contributor and supastar author J-Zone to dissect exactly how many man-hours was required to create his song “The Bum-Bitch Ballad” (from his 2002 broke rap masterpiece, Pimps Don’t Pay Taxes ). While Jay-Z may have (allegedly) sworn off the b-word, J-Zone understands that there are potentially 99 math problems behind each one of them suckers. Do the math.

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