1. Kool G Rap Performs "It's a Demo" Live at Union Square (1989) & MORE! (VIDEO).

    WATCH: Kool G Rap Performs “It’s a Demo” Live at Union Square (1989) & MORE!

    Happy birthday, Kool G Rap - one of the greatest to ever rhyme two words (or more) together - born on this day, July 20th, in 1964. To mark the occasion, we present some great live performance clips by the Kool Genius of Rap that have somehow escaped wider attention. We commence with the amazing above vid from circa 1989: G Rap, along with dancers the TCF Crew (not sure where DJ Polo is - maybe just off-camera), performing his debut single, "It's a Demo," in front of super-hyped audience at Union Square. The hi-top fade count is high. The energy in the room ridiculous. Yes, people, this is what's known as hip-hop.

    WATCH "Streets of New York" LIVE 1990... After the jump...

    Kool G Rap & DJ Polo performing one of G Rap's greatest compositions, "Streets of New York," at the Rappers 4 Voter Registration rally on 125th Street in Harlem USA, summer 1990. Peep Fab 5 Freddy and other luminaries in the background taking in the scene. Footage courtesy DJ Nastee of 4word .

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