1. The Warriors NYC Filming Locations - Then & Now.


    As iconic New York City films of the hip-hop era go, you'd be hard pressed to top The Warriors - director Walter Hill's stylized 1979 action thriller tracing the journey of a Coney Island street gang as it fights its way home to BK from the Bronx. If the relative anonymity of the actors who portrayed The Warriors themselves left any doubt, the City itself has always been the real star of the movie. But which actual NYC locations were used in the film? The tremendous film blog, Scouting New York , pinpoints pretty much all the significant ones, providing insights on how Hill and company cleverly cheated locales in entirely different boroughs for places along the Warriors' march. We've taken the liberty of putting together a few then vs. now GIFs to see how the landscape's changed.


    To read Scouting New York's detailed as hell location-by-location breakdown of The Warriors (and other iconic NYC films), go HERE (and contribute some $ to the site's filmmaking fund while you're at it).

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