1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Wal-Mart Sued for $1 Million After an Intercom Prank Tells All Black Shoppers to Vacate Store.

    Remember that time in March 2010 when a teenager got on the intercom at a New Jersey Wal-Mart, and ordered all of the Black customers to leave the store ? A few days later, the youth was arrested and charged with harassment and bias intimidation. End of story, right? Nope. A NJ resident by the name of Donnell Battie has announced that he is suing the chain for a cool $1 million bucks , claiming he was traumatized by the prank, which according to reports, left him seeking medical attention after suffering, “severe and disabling emotional and psychological harm.” Granted, we’re no fans of Wal-Mart’s ruthless competitive annihilation of mom and pop shops across the country. And we’re aware that racism – even when it’s a prank by a kid – ain’t all laughs and giggles. But damn, all of a sudden we feel severely emotionally and psychologically disabled from reading this story. Might have to sue the Internet.

    [Via NY Daily News ]

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