1. ego trip Movie Night:
    Wackies: Bullwackie in New York (1986).


    Reggae and dub enthusiasts, you're in the right place. This absorbing, slice-of-life profile (directed by Christopher Coy) of the esteemed Lloyd Barnes, aka Papa Wackie , gives viewers an intimate look at one of the more overlooked yet important figures in Jamaican music. The innovative producer built a mini-empire in the Bronx, NY during the '70s and '80s, launching the careers of his House of Wackie massive, and also established a network for artists to come together through his disco and record shop ventures. The doc, which depicts the gritty New York City of yesteryear, shows Bullwackie in the studio, at the club and in his car, but also finds time to show a friendly game of cricket and a Caribbean couture fashion show. Most of the action, however, centers around the music, which is top-notch. In between, Bullwackie shares his wisdom with other musicians, saying things like, "It's not what you gettin' at the moment for what you're doin'. It is how much you put into it that is important." SEEN!

    Bullwackie Soundtrack:
    Horace Andy — "Money Money," "Gimme Gimme"
    Wackie's All Stars — "Christmas Song"
    Mikey Jarrett — Play the Ball - New York Style," "Got a Hold on Me"
    Ras Clifton — "Tired of Living in Babylon"
    Milton Henry — "Blue Moon," "Sweet Melody," "No Turning Back"
    Maxine Miller —"Someone Like You"
    Lone Ranger —"Reggae Music Sweet"
    Inner Harvest — "Jazzy Jam"
    Annette Brisette — "Betrayed," "Jumping Up and Down"
    Bullwackie — "Dancing in the Rain," "Mash Down Babylon"
    Wayne Jarrett — "Bubble Up"
    Itopia — "That's Not All"
    Jerry Harris —"Spreading All Over"
    Jah Butta —"Tricky Girl"
    Jerry Johnson/Neville Anderson —"Rockfort Rock"
    Love Joys — "Lock Tight"
    Carlton Livingston —"Reggae Medley"
    Sugar Minott — "Wicked Ago Feel It"


    Wackies: Bullwackie in New York (1986). Part 1.

    (Props to bst3289 for the upload)

    Wackies: Bullwackie in New York (1986). Part 2.

    (Props to bst3289 for the upload)

    Wackies: Bullwackie in New York (1986). Part 3.

    (Props to bst3289 for the upload)

    Wackies: Bullwackie in New York (1986). Part 4.

    (Props to bst3289 for the upload)

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