1. Vocoders, Bass and Unsound at Eyebeam.

    Steve Goodman’s AUDiNT collective has kindly invited me to join them for a presentation at Eyebeam this coming Monday, June 13th, from 6:30-8:00. This is in anticipation of their Dead Record Office exhibition, opening Friday, June 17.

    Info here :

    Grasshopper stops Trans Earp Express here :

    I haven’t done the audio/slideshow thing in New York since last April. Should be fun.

    Expect to hear from Operation Wandering Soul in Vietnam, the WWII audio decepticon program, the specter of spectral communications, what the military meant by “vestigial emanations,” a professor who threw Goethe’s stolen larynx in front of a train, and a special disco gospel vocoder chant from 1980 called “You Ought To Been There.” The logo is a pair of flapdancing winged serpents straight out of a Larry Cohen movie * that discouraged rooftop sun-bathing.

    Hope to see you there.

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