1. 10 Videos of Snoop Dogg circa Doggystyle That You Must See.

    19 years ago today, Snoop Dogg released his debut album, Doggystyle , the classic effort that catapulted the then-Dr. Dre protégé to a level of solo rap superstar-dom he’s largely maintained since. To commemorate the milestone we’ve teamed (just like we always do at this time…) with our friends at UpNorthTrips to scour the Interwebz for video footage that captures the young Calvin Broadus at this mercurial moment – a budding media darling fresh off the streets of Long Beach, charming and thoughtful yet provocatively rough around the edges. All this with the murder rap he’d eventually be found innocent of hanging over his head. Collected here for your viewing enjoyment: interviews, performances, news pieces, commercials, Arsenio, SNL , MTV, autographs for Catholic school young’uns, even a little behind-the-scenes footage of the Dogg Pound puffin’ on blunts and drinkin’ Tanqueray. Happy anniversary, Doggystyle .


    Snoop Dogg Early '90s Interview.

    Snoop signs an autograph for some school girls, discusses the making of Doggystyle , and says he hopes to become the Elvis of rap.

    (Props 2 caper316 for the upload.)

    Snoop Dogg Yo! MTV Raps Freestyle.

    Snoop drops a quick freestyle over the “Bitches Ain’t Shit” beat, declaring he’s “smooth-ah… on the microphone like Grand Puba.”

    (Props 2 deejayedyk for the upload.)

    Snoop Dogg, Mike Myers (as Linda Richman) and Helen Hunt - Saturday Night Live Promo.

    Snoop is not exactly mad about doing this SNL promo a few months after Doggystyle ‘s release. But he nonetheless delivers his lines like a champ.

    (Props 2 SeanH777 for the upload.)

    Snoop Dogg Inteview on UK TV Show The Word.

    Mark Lamarr – host of the show on which Snoop would later be attacked by a puppet – travels to L.A. to speak with the Doggfather just after the release of Doggystyle . Pressing Snoop about “gangsta rap’s gross sexism,” Lamarr quotes a few choice lines from “Ain’t No Fun.” If you’ve ever wanted to hear, “So back up, bitch, cuz I’m strugglin’/ Just get on your knees and then start jugglin’ these motherfuckin’ nuts in your mouth,” recited in a British accent, this is the video clip for you.

    (Props 2 screenocean for the upload.)

    Snoop Dogg Interviewed on The Arsenio Hall Show.

    Classic interview that concludes with Snoop freestyling as the band plays “The Message.”

    (Props 2 tetertan for the upload.)

    Snoop Dogg's Murder Rap Reported on MTV's "The Week In Rock."

    Freed on $1 million bail, Kurt Loder reports that Snoop goes on The Chronic Tour line-up with Dr. Dre, Run-DMC and Onyx. At a press conference Snoop speaks on maintaining positivity despite his legal issues.

    (Props to c857553 for the upload.)

    Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre Perform on the Soul Train Awards.

    Now this is how you enter the stage. On a lowrider hittin’ switches to the strains of G-Funk-ed up Skull Snaps. Dre and Snoop perform “‘G’ Thang” and “What’s My Name?”

    (Props 2 tetertan for the upload.)

    Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound & D.O.C. After a Concert.

    Youtube commenter: “Snoop haf.” Pretty much.

    (Props 2 XEuphanasiaRecordsX for the upload.)

    Snoop Dogg Interviewed on Yo! MTV Raps.

    As the leisurely sounds of Aretha and Booker T. & the MGs play in the background, Fab 5 Freddy chats with Snoop, Doggystyle album cover artist Joe Cool, and C-Style at the Dogg Pound in a “secret location” in the LBC.

    (Props 2 deejayedyk for the upload.)

    Snoop Dogg & Tha Dogg Pound - "Tha Shiznit" on The Arsenio Hall Show

    ’90s hockey jersey steez. Snoop with the custom Boston Bruins joint with “Bow Wow Wow” on the back.

    (Props 2 tetertan for the upload.)

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