1. Meanwhile, In Russia...(VIDEOS)


    We momentarily interrupt our normal programming for these two completely unrelated, unexpected events

    WTF.. In Russia One Night...

    It's the anticipation that really gets to you...

    BONUS: ...Elsewhere in Russia...

    And back to rap again. Get ya Slav on!

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Ummm...who the hell is this and why is this so fresh!?! I'm gonna go ahead and assume they are the Russian WU...that sing/song dude in the sweater is fucking NICE! I dare someone to say he wasn't! ....fuck it they're all nice.


    • HughPhug

      awesome vidoes both of em, that second is just.... i couldnt stop watching it

    • egotrip

      HughPhug.. We agree! Something infectiously gully about it. Russian rap...who knew?

    • egotrip

      Haha, bboy, we know what you mean, brother. Don't understand what they're sayin' but it was damn hard not to keep listening to this every day. Someone on FB told us the story today, though, that apparently this is some rapper named Timati and his crew who are rhyming in response to a viral video that supposedly blew up over in Russia "made at some wedding in Azerbaidjan village." (Here's the video, if you're curious: http://youtu.be/UFUtDdgEYwk ).

    • egotrip

      By the way, just wanted to say, an egotripland reader on Twitter sent us the second video. Was gonna give him or her a shout out, but we lost your name. But wanted to say thank you, homie. P.S. Do svidaniya!

    • WxStarr

      Ti kto takoy,davay dosvidaniya! (Yeh i looked it up!)
      The beat combined with the flow ... Im on my fourth playtrough n my neck goin spazmic

    • jeanski

      thank you, egotrip.

    • http://punchedin.net JTRON

      More rap tracks could benefit from the golf clap

    • HughPhug

      i keep watching this, i just can't stop, it's incredible. never seen so many money boss gangsters in one room. fucking awesome...