1. 5 Videos of Eric B. & Rakim from the “Paid in Full” Era.

    This Saturday is the 25th year anniversary of Eric B. & Rakim 's Paid in Full , an essential hip-hop album if there ever was one. To celebrate the occasion,
    / @upnorthtrips presents a handful of top-notch video clips of Eric B. and Rakim circa the mid' 80s. (But that's not all. Stay tuned, UNT has also created a very special PIF mix which we will drop tomorrow.)

    Apollo Theater Performance

    This is "MC means move the crowd" personified as one of the toughest audiences to impress react to "Eric B is President" and "I Know You Got Soul."

    (Props to DarianTheGreat1 for the upload)

    Soul Train Interview

    Don: "Rakim, you don't smile too much." Ra: "I ain't no joke."

    (Props to originalhiphop for the upload)

    Eric B. & Rakim — "Paid In Full" ("Live")

    TV shows make performers lip-synch all the time. You might be marveling at Rakim's custom jacket so much to notice.

    (Props to sirrahx for the upload)

    Yo! MTV Raps Intro

    They came in the door. They said it before.

    (Props to rumerxs for the upload)

    "Eric B Is President" on Yo!

    This gets our vote of approval.

    (Props to herokid1995 for the upload)

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