1. WATCH: VH1's "Uprising - Hip-Hop & the L.A. Riots" (Full Episode).


    If you missed last night's broadcast of the VH1 "Rock Docs" film, Uprising: Hip-Hop & the L.A. Riots , here is the episode presented in its entirety. Directed by Mark Ford and narrated by Snoop Dogg, the film examines the frustration and anti-authoritarian rage brewing in L.A.'s Black communities in the years preceding the riots, and how hip-hop records from the era all but predicted the events of April 29th - May 1st, 1992 . 20 years after the fact, the footage of the epicenter of the chaos at the intersection of Florence and Normandie in South Central is still affecting as ever. The film includes priceless archival interview footage of Ice Cube, Eazy-E, MC Ren, and Dr. Dre. Those newly interviewed include Rodney King (who returns to the scene of where he was beaten by LAPD officers in March '91), Kurupt (who recalls recording sessions for Dr. Dre's The Chronic as the riots took place), filmmakers John Singleton and Matthew McDaniel (director of Birth of a Nation 4*29*1992 ), and perhaps most memorably, Henry Watson - one of four men convicted in the beating of White truck driver Reginald Denny as the riots raged on. Watch it, after the jump...

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      is there anyhow possible to watch it outside us? or download or stream it from somewhere else? thx

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