1. WATCH: Tim Dog Exposed In Online Dating Scam ("Dateline" Preview).


    Friday night sees the return of must-see-TV to NBC in the form of "The Perfect Catch" - an episode of investigative news program Dateline which focuses on the recent unfortunate exploits of one Timothy " Tim Dog " Blair . Apparently, Dateline captures Tim Dog on camera trying to swindle some poor woman out of thousands of dollars - via a ponzi scheme he's suckered other lonely female '90s rap fans into. For the Dog pound here at egotripland , this will be an emotional viewing experience. Peep Dateline 's sneak preview of the program, which airs Friday night at 9pm EST/8C, and pray the Dog's not gonna getcha...

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bobby jo

      Discusting, lying, hypocritical, WANNA BE, piece of shit! How can u "make 300,000.00" a year and be on match.com????? Then say you don't what a gold digger? Don't trust any man that won't take his Sun glasses off at fucking night! Then attempt to pull the race card. please, your a nasty gold digging manipulative "man". Your just upset that the women you conned were more intelligent than you, not that that would be hard.

    • BettyJK

      Bobby Jo. You are so right. My friends and I long ago coined a phrase about this kind of guy "Flim Flam Man." He is talking so he is lying.

    • opi

      "i steal from the rich, then stick it to the bitch..."

      if they actually listened to his rhymes, no one should be surprised. he's been putting his "character" on display for over 20 years now.... shame on them for not carefully checking his records (or taking them seriously) before getting so involved. red flags everywhere....

    • Knowledge

      His trolling, fraud and cons are not limited to women, although this is his preference (vulnerable single parents) -one only needs to go on the Jacky Jasper website to see the wake he left internationally with artists, promoters, agents, business partners, venues etc to see that his "truth" masks someone who is borderline psychotic in his belief of self importance.

      Here's the link http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com/mary-j-nas-and-fat-joe-targeted-in-international-booking-scam/

      In the instance above, there were legally binding agreements in place, and should he ever set foot abroad in many of these countries, he will go straight to jail (He was served when he was in Australia). These are all certified documents and end stubs. Pretty much he has single-handedly put Hip Hop into disrepute globally with his claim to direct access from everyone including Africa Bambaataa to Nas to Mary J Blige and so forth. Many vendors are now weary of booking these acts on account of HIS (not their) fraud. So ultimately many people are impacted by this.

      Understand, his con and fraud has gone back over 20years and are in the millions worldwide. Its not limited to a certain gender or race - he is sick with his lies - living in a house of cards- and the house is now falling down. That he is exposed in this is just the beginning - the end is to see Justice served.