1. WATCH: Supernatural Freestyles at Hot 97.

    Supernatural ‘s world renowned off-the-dome rhyming prowess enjoys an ideal showcase in this video shot at Peter Rosenberg ‘s Sunday Hot 97 night program. Rosenberg offers up the subject matter, Supernat rhymes his ass off. And when the topic turns to the emcee’s home of Brooklyn and the “Crooklyn” instrumental drops… what more can we say – it’s pretty dang impressive. Experience the verbal wizardry, after the jump…

    [Props to Hot 97 for the upload.]

    BONUS: Supernatural hosts the upcoming “Rock the Bells” shows in NJ September 1st & 2nd. Here he is at the news conference rhyming off-the-head while announcing the artist line-up.

    [Props to STEVEORTIZ1973 for the upload.]

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