1. WATCH: Early Behind the Scenes Footage of Stretch & Bobbito on WKCR (1990).

    WATCH: Early (Circa 1990) Behind the Scenes Stretch & Bobbito on WKCR Footage.

    Eaaaaarly footage (circa 1990) of WKCR's Stretch and Bobbito show surfaces courtesy of Eli Gesner , giving us a glimpse of the seminal Columbia University broadcast's formative days. So early in fact, Stretch is still going by the name of DJ Skinny Bones . In the place to be: skater Beasley 79 (who has since passed away and whom Eli dedicates the video clip to), MC Marco Polo , our girl Claw Money , and hip-hop scribe-about-town, Bonz Malone . This is some rare shit, folks.

    UPDATE: Stretch informs us that the unseen, additional footage from this night features in-studio guest Large Professor, "Doin' his verse from 'Live at the BBQ,' reading it off the paper he just wrote it on" - and thus according to this places the exact date of the show to be Thursday, November 29, 1990. Just in case this wasn't already cool enough.

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