1. WATCH: Snoop Dogg’s GGN News – “I Believe My D*ck Can Fly.”

    Those missing the charms of Snoop Dogg’s too brief dalliance with MTV, Doggy Fizzle Televizzle , will be glad to know that the Doggfather’s GGN News (a/k/a the Double G Hood News) is enjoying its third season on the Internutz. In the latest broadcast, GGN News anchor Nemo Hoes (Snoop) is joined by NOLA’s finest, Curren$y, for smoke-filled riffs on semi-recent news headlines – like when DJ Khaled’s bus blew up. And as entertaining as it is watching Snoop in tears laughing at video of 1997’s Ironman World Championship competition, it’s the special in-studio musical performance that truly wins: Legendary X-rated soul man Blowfly joins Snoop for a re-interpretation of an R. Kelly classic newly dubbed, “I Believe My Dick Can Fly” (second line: “I believe my balls can touch the sky”). Feel the magic, after the jump…

    The episode before also featured Curren$y and Blowfly. Double your Double G fun!

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