1. From Digable Planets to Shabazz Palaces… (VIDEO).

    For us here at egotripland HQ who remember the days of Rebirth of Slick , the mere mention of Ish Butler, aka Butterfly , provides a crazy flashback to the days of jazzy lyrics, upright basslines and snappy snares. Well. you don’t get much of that here, but you do get the former Digable Planets frontbug teaming up with with Thom Yorke’s BFF Flying Lotus and filmmaker Kahlil Joseph for impressionistic, confounding, yet compellingly hypnotic skate video with beats. It’s 2011 and hip-hop keeps moving in unexpected directions. Still, it stays cool like dat .

    For the Shabazz Palaces unitiated, peep their (slightly) less abstract, and far more rap-centric, artsy fartsy video for Bellhaven Meridian after the jump…

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