1. Thugs, Blaxploitation & Old School Ultra Violence, Real Deal Comix is Like The N.W.A of the Comic Book World. (GALLERY)

    In the comic book world, there are very few series that are more rough, rugged and raw than Real Deal Comix . The cult favorite (whose slogan is “More slaughter for your dollar”) has shocked and awed audiences since 1989, despite there only being six issues in print. To get the deal on Real Deal , Stussy (who are putting out a line of Real Deal t-shirts) caught up with the stylish co-creator Lawrence Hubbard , who broke down the explicit, violent ghetto world of the characters he draws, all the while looking fly as he cruises the nighttime streets of L.A. in his sleek Caddy like a real player. (Dam-Funk’s music is the perfect soundtrack.)

    Drawing since he was three-years-old, Hubbard was inspired by an awesome blend of childhood influences that include Mad Magazine, Marvel & DC comics, Eerie & Creepy , and The Black Panther newspaper. This is how he breaks down Real Deal : “It’s just about a bunch of angry dudes who don’t back down, who don’t take anything off of anybody. They kinda do what they want whenever they want. They came up in the ’70s and they’re kinda stuck in the ’70s.”

    Real Deal is your inner rage, like your inner ID,” he continues. “[The character] G.C. does things that you can’t do that you wish you could do. But [to] these guys, everything is just no holds barred. The first thing that comes to their mind they do it and they don’t give a fuck. I’ve always admired people like that. It’s kinda like they live in their own world of madness.”


    [To order Real Deal T-Shirts visit Stussy . To order Real Deal Comix visit their website . Props to Todd James ]

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