1. WATCH: Odd Future - "Oldie" (Music Video).

    WATCH: Odd Future – “Oldie”

    We meant to post this a couple days ago, but got caught up. (Hey, it happens.) Attention cranky hip-hop curmudgeons: We know you hate them. But really, this ain't bad .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • huhwhat?

      wack shit these kids should be called Cornball Future.

    • Ben

      Weird that oldheads still hate on the younger generation. Lil B introduces kids to Cormega and AZ. not just Nas, and BG and Juvie not just (present-day) weezy. OF just dropped the best posse cut in years.

    • http://tedsdraws.com TED

      a bit long, but it is good,
      not as good as the pharcyde, frank ocean should rap more on his own shit.

    • anyway

      i kinda wanna like it.. but the shit is weak to me..

    • bk

      note how the detractor comments are boring whilst the supporter comments say something of interest more than just "me like" or "it sucks". if this were politics I know which side of the aisle I'd rather hang with... ...