1. VIDEO: N.W.A Live In Houston, Texas (1989).


    It was brought to our attention by our friends at UPNORTHTRIPS / @upnorthtrips that 21 years ago today, N.W.A. released their epic second album, Efil4zaggin . In order to celebrate the ocassion, UNT was also kind enough to dig up some vintage footage of the World's Most Dangerous Group from the late '80s — a few years before the inner turmoil disbanded the crew — live in concert.

    Now the crowd might have been a bit subdued and the footage may be a bit grainy, but that won't stop you from enjoying the on stage intensity from Ice Cube, MC Ren, and Dr. Dre as they perform hit after hit after hit. ( Seeing N.W.A with female back-up dancers is a trip. ) Sadly, Eazy-E doesn't appear in the 30 minute clip, but we added a brief but fresh Eazy live appearance from the same era as a bonus. Check it out. And props again to UpNorthTrips.

    N.W.A. Live In Houston (1989) Part 1‬

    Tearin' through "Compton's N The House," "Ruthless Villain" and "Fuck Tha Police."

    ‪N.W.A Live In Houston (1989) Part 2‬

    It ain't over motherfucerks: "Gangsta Gangsta," "A Bitch iz a Bitch" and "Straight Outta Compton."

    ‪N.W.A Live In Houston (1989) Part 3‬

    Be warned, Cube's rendition of "I Ain't Tha 1" (complete with a female dancer) ain't for everyone. Parental Discretion is Advized. Also, peep a hard-ass performance of "Dope Man"

    (Props to ‪1973eazyme‬ for the upload.)

    BONUS: Eazy-E Live (1988)

    It's just a snippet, but we had to include some live Eazy footage. Fab 5 Freddy does the introductions.

    (Props to WESTWORLDent for the upload)

    BONUS: N.W.A. on Arsenio Hall (1990)

    Famous late night TV moment featuring Eazy in a hockey mask and the group blazin' through "100 Miles and Runnin'." They don't make television like this anymore.

    (Props to ‪CrookedMC‬ for the upload)

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