1. VIDEO: N.W.A Live In Houston, Texas (1989).


    It was brought to our attention by our friends at UPNORTHTRIPS / @upnorthtrips that 21 years ago today, N.W.A. released their epic second album, Efil4zaggin . In order to celebrate the ocassion, UNT was also kind enough to dig up some vintage footage of the World's Most Dangerous Group from the late '80s — a few years before the inner turmoil disbanded the crew — live in concert.

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    Now the crowd might have been a bit subdued and the footage may be a bit grainy, but that won't stop you from enjoying the on stage intensity from Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Ice Cube, MC Ren, and Dr. Dre as they perform hit after hit after hit. ( Seeing N.W.A with female back-up dancers is a trip. ) Sadly, Eazy-E doesn't appear in the 30 minute clip, but we added a brief but fresh Eazy live appearance from the same era as a bonus. Check it out. And props again to UpNorthTrips.

    N.W.A. Live In Houston (1989) Part 1‬

    Tearin' through "Compton's N The House," "Ruthless Villain" and "Fuck Tha Police."

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    ‪N.W.A Live In Houston (1989) Part 2‬

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    It ain't over motherfucerks: "Gangsta Gangsta," "A Bitch iz a Bitch" and "Straight Outta Compton."

    ‪N.W.A Live In Houston (1989) Part 3‬

    Be warned, Cube's rendition of "I Ain't Tha 1" (complete with a female dancer) ain't for everyone. Parental Discretion is Advized. Also, peep a hard-ass performance of "Dope Man"

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    (Props to ‪1973eazyme‬ for the upload.)

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    BONUS: Eazy-E Live (1988)

    It's just a snippet, but we had to include some live Eazy footage. Fab 5 Freddy does the introductions.

    (Props to WESTWORLDent for the upload)

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    BONUS: N.W.A. on Arsenio Hall (1990)

    Famous late night TV moment featuring Eazy in a hockey mask and the group blazin' through "100 Miles and Runnin'." They don't make television like this anymore.

    (Props to ‪CrookedMC‬ for the upload)

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